Green Card Reentry Permit

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

1. What is a Reentry Permit?

A reentry permit is a travel document that allows a permanent resident or conditional resident to apply for admission to the United States upon returning from an extended trip abroad during the permit’s validity without the need to obtain a returning resident visa from a U.S. Embassy or consulate.

2. Why do Permanent or Conditional Residents Need to Apply for a Reentry Permit?

Permanent or conditional residents who plan to travel outside the U.S. for one year or more but do not intend to abandon their status need to obtain a reentry permit to re-enter the U.S. after travel.

3. Which USCIS Form is Used to Apply for the Reentry Permit?

Form I-131, Application for a Travel Document is the form that is used to apply for the reentry permit.

4. How Long Does It Take to Obtain a Reentry Permit?

It may take up to 6 months for an applicant to obtain a reentry permit.

5. How Long Is the Reentry Permit Valid?

A re-entry permit is generally valid for 2 years from its date of issue. Conditional Permanent Residents who apply for a reentry permit will only be issued a reentry permit valid for the remaining duration of the conditional green card.