How To Hire Best Immigration Attorney

Tips on Hiring The Best Immigration Attorney

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Tips on Hiring the Best Immigration Attorney:

Once you have determined that you need an immigration attorney, the next step is finding an immigration attorney who you can trust and best understands your individual needs. Here are some questions you should ask before you retain any attorney. If you can’t find out the information on your own, never hesitate to ask the attorney directly. Stay clear of any attorney who is evasive or refuses to answer these questions.

1.How long have they been practicing law, most importantly immigration law?

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Obviously, the more experience an attorney has, specifically in immigration law, the better equipped they are to deal with the even most complicated immigration issues. If you are considering a general practice firm, make sure that the attorney you will be working with is experienced in immigration law, which is easily one of the most complex and ever-changing areas of federal law in the country.

2.How successful has the attorney been in handling a case similar to yours?

This is an extremely important question as not all immigration attorneys practice every aspect of immigration law. Immigration law is a very complex and vast area of law and many attorneys focus on one aspect or type of immigration law. It is extremely important that you ascertain that the attorney you are consulting with has experience and background to help you with your case. For example, if you are seeking the best option for a non-immigrant work visa, it may not be advisable to retain an attorney who focuses on asylum and refugee law.

3.Is the attorney in good legal standing in the state where he or she is licensed?

Each state regulates the attorneys licensed to practice in that state. You can usually go to a state’s court or bar association website to check and see if an attorney is registered and to view an attorney’s disciplinary history, if applicable. You can also obtain this information by calling the state’s attorney licensing organization.

It’s important to remember that because immigration law deals with federal laws and the federal government, immigration attorneys are unique in that they can practice in ANY state so long as they are licensed to practice in one of the 50 states. If you can’t find an attorney’s registration information in the state where he or she practices, then they may be licensed in another state.

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